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Welcome to Shaolin-Tzu Martial Arts Academy

We are the Shaolin-Tzu Martial Arts Academy. Shaolin Tzu is translated as "small forest temple." The name reflects the philosophy of the classical martial arts we study.

We have been providing Greater Victoria communities with education and training in classical martial arts for over three decades.

The martial arts are a study of martial virtues, and a practical life philosophy. It embodies physical, emotional, and spiritual values which may be applied to all phases of one’s everyday life.

Everyone begins the path of the martial arts as equals, regardless of gender, age or nationality. The path leads one on an individual journey that challenges one’s spiritual strength and character. Through hard work and patience, one will be rewarded by the direct results of one’s own efforts. Through the study of traditional martial arts, a vast wealth of knowledge and enlightenment will be experienced

There is an old saying: “Many paths, one summit”. Your journey into the martial arts begins at the base of the mountain. Welcome to the Small Forest Temple, Shaolin-Tzu Martial Arts Academy.


Sensei Mark


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