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About Us

Who we are and what we do

We teach a system that has been passed down through generations of martial arts experts from the original Shaolin Temple in China, Okinawa, Japan and now to North America. The roots of our academy are centuries old, and consist of an eclectic mixture of martial art disciplines in both the internal and external forms. The core system we study is a style called Shorinji Ryu Karate-do (open hand form of Chinese, Okinawan, and Japanese origin). Other disciplines in the system include Daito-Ryu Aki-Jujitsu, which is the predecessor to modern Aikido and Judo, and was designed to be a combative system. Kobujutsu, which is the study of ancient weapons, which is mainly of Okinawan and Japanese origin. Included in the study of Kobujutsu are seven disciplines of authentic weaponry.

Internal forms comprise a significant component in the course of study at the Shaolin-Tzu Martial Arts Academy. Da Jia Tai - Chi Chuan is taught and practiced regularly, again in the traditional manner where the martial (or combative) aspect is emphasized first before the artistic aspect. Several other internal systems such as the Chi Kung and Bagua Zhang are taught as well which contribute to the development of one’s “chi” (internal energy). All teaching and study is conducted in a traditional manner and adheres to the original “Budo” philosophy and methodology of teaching in the “old ways”.

We focus on the classical methods of training - the way martial arts should be studied and was studied centuries ago. Comprehensive martial self defence, history, philosophy, martial science and meditation are all studied within the curriculum. What makes the Academy unique is that the program is structured to cover an entire martial arts system and not just a sliver of the system or a single style. At the Academy, students study the philosophical, strategic, laws and scientific aspects of the martial arts. Students are not taught to train just to be technicians in movements alone. In this manner, the martial art becomes more applicable and less reliant on style to situational self defence and promotes a better sense of mind and body awareness.

When one studies with the Shaolin-Tzu Martial Arts Academy, one will find the teaching environment is of uncompromised tradition. The Academy has a wealth of martial arts knowledge and experience to offer with over 80 traditional kata/ forms. There is comprehensive study of kata principles, and an emphasis on diligent kata training. Applied and situational self-defence principles, including strategic and tactical combat, are also taught through the study of kata.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the classical martial arts tradition within our local community and the global martial arts community through an emphasis on heritage, tradition and the promotion of education and service.

We commit to deliver the following:

• To provide the highest standards of classical martial art education to the community.
• To research, develop, maintain, traditional teaching of the martial arts masters that have been passed down over the generations.
• To pass forward classical martial art knowledge, philosophy and moral precepts to our future generation.
• To develop each student to the best of their physical, mental and spiritual being
• We provide an ethical and traditional martial arts environment for class learning and training. All classes are lesson planned to be well organized, time efficient, and effective for high level comprehension.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Shaolin-Tzu Martial Arts Academy is based on budo. Bu meaning "Martial" and do meaning "Way".

Budo is the spiritual foundation for the martial arts we study and provides the ethical code on which classical martial arts are based. Budo is fundamental to the Academy teachings. We are dedicated to the development of the individual - mentally, physically, and spiritually - through the diligent practice of the martial arts, and daily observance of the following principles: (1) Humility, (2) Compassion, (3) Honour, (4) Loyalty, (5) Patience, and (6) Gratitude.

In the classical martial arts, training is conducted with the consideration of combat and ethics, as opposed to competition. The difference between the two distinctions lies not in violence versus sportsmanship, but in the view of a ‘way of life’.

In modern times, traditional martial arts training leads the student in developing a realization of their own mortality and the importance of every moment of life is precious. There is a saying in the Japanese martial arts: “Ichi go ichi ki”. It means now is the last time, now is the only time. The hard work, the repetition, the discipline, and the lifetime of practice are for the purpose of realizing that, in reality there is no second chance. Your life is yours and it is your responsibility to make the most of it.


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